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Assignment 6 – Pre-Assessment Tutorial

Colin Caygill – 506247 – Digital Image and Culture – November Assessment 2017



Following a telephone review with my tutor for assignments 5 and 6, I have revised this document to reflect the agreed procedure for submission of my work for assessment in November 2017.

Format for submission of work for assessment:

Printed Documents in Box

Project Overview

Assignment 1 Deliverable – 12 Photographs

Assignment 2 Deliverable – Final Book Entitled “Invisible Cities”

Assignment 3 Deliverable – Print of final version of Critical Essay

Assignment 4 Deliverable – Access to Sidney Caygill Facebook Account

Assignment 5 Deliverable РAccess to Sidney  Caygill Facebook and Instagram Accounts

G Drive

Assignment 1- Tutor Formative Feedback

Assignment 1 – Response to Tutor Feedback and Reflection

Assignment 2 – Tutor Formative Feedback

Assignment 2 – Response to Tutor Feedback and Reflection


Assignment 3 – Tutor Formative Feedback

Assignment 3 – Response to Tutor Feedback and Reflection

Assignment 4 – Tutor Formative Feedback

Assignment 4 – Response to Tutor Feedback and Reflection

Assignment 5 – Tutor Formative Feedback

Assignment 5 – Response to Tutor feedback and Reflection

Assignment 6 – Tutor Formative Feedback

Assignment 6 – Response to Tutor Feedback and Reflection


The blog contains a writeup of all assignments, responses to all exercises and any research, comment or reflection throughout this project.

It is very important to read the blog in conjunction with the printed documents. It will not be possible to understand the assignment deliverables without reading the assignment blogs.

Facebook account:

Sidney Caygill

Instagram Account

Sidney Caygill


Checking and Rewriting Procedure

My first action was to print off all tutor reports to date, and all of my responses and reflections. I then wrote the tutor reports for assignments 5 and 6 for my tutor to agree and sign off. The final action was to write my own response to tutor reports 5 and 6 and my personal reflection of these two stages.

I then took a very careful look at the impact which these printed documents would have.

The remainder of my work will be submitted in the form of the blog and two internet social media accounts, facebook and instagram. These have been carefully evaluated by my tutor throughout the project. I have thought very carefully about how the blog and internet accounts are signposted so that the assessors have a trouble free ride. This will become apparent in the documentation.

The final exercise includes a detailed check of content and presentation of all assignments, exercises and other research based work including a very careful check to ensure that the correct categories have been identified for each section of the blog.


Work which has been re-presented

Major revisions have been made to Assignment 2 “The Archive” and Assignment 3 “Critical Essay”.

Minor revisions have been made to Assignment 1 “Combined Image”, Assignment 4 “Digital Identities 1” and Assignment 5 “Digital Identities 2”.

These have all taken my tutor’s comments into consideration.


I have carefully chosen the packaging (a black clamshell photo box) and quality of printing of the work to be inserted in the box and double checked that the right documents are in the right place on the G Drive.


There were a couple of points which I did not understand at the beginning of assignment 6 and it was only at the tutor review stage that these emerged.

My understanding from the “Guidelines for submission for formal assessment” was that printed copies were required for all the blog texts relating to assignments. However, when the word assignment is used, it is referring to the deliverable so in the case of assignment 1, it is not the wordpress text which goes into the box but the deliverable which is 12 photographs.

We also clarified that this document only needed to be a simple explanation of the way in which I was planning to complete the deliverables and the main point of assignment 6 is to help the student to assist with creating the best possible outcome.

I think that the idea of driving the student to consider presentation and quality of content is excellent and has pushed me one step further towards delivering an excellent result in the future. I now understand for the first time the importance of singling out the most important deliverables so that they can be given fair judgement.