Exercise 4.3 Creating a Meme

Taking inspiration from an image or idea you’ve researched, create your own interpretation of an internet meme. This may be something original , or your own interpretation of an existing meme. It might be funny or profound, but it should make people want to look at it and share it.

My idea for this exercise is to look back on the work I completed relating to exercise  1.3,  News Event.



At the time of completing this work, I had not considered the idea of memes but having read the reference link no. 4 from the journal of visual culture “The cultural logic of photo – based meme genres” by Limor Shifman it occurred to me that one of my favourite memes from this article (Asian Father) could set the pattern for a development of my Donald Trump series.


The first question was whether to use one of my original photos, say the lightbulb photo or whether to use a straight portrait, instantly recognisable by the general public.

The second question was what part of Donald Trump’s life / career as president could be used as the basis for the comments.

The meme relating to the Asian father was described as a Stock Character Macro and I wanted to follow almost exactly in this style so the comments need to be slightly sarcastic about a driven but slightly flawed character.

The problem arose when I googled Donald Trump Meme and discovered that this had been done many times before:

However most of the jokes appeared to be about his hair and his personality (derogatory).

So I have created a series of memes which include well known quotations that describe his arrogance and stupidity:




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