Assignment 1 – Tutor Feedback and Reflection

I have taken comfort from my Tutor’s comments but must now push forward and improve the overall quality of my work.

Assessment Potential

I definitely want my work to go forward for assessment at the end of this module. I have already requested feedback on how my work meets the assessment requirements and submitted my own self assessment for critical comment alongside assignment 1.

Feedback on Assignment 1

There is strong emphasis on using references as much as possible and although my tutor stresses that I have done this very well there is obviously more to do. I enjoy reading around the subject and, if anything, one of my weaknesses is moving too far outside the set references. However, I suspect this will take me on my own journey and hopefully help to inspire interesting and original thought.

Reference has been made to my interest in politics and, yes, I do have an interest but this is not necessarily my only interest. I still have a desire to search for my own voice and must reach a stage soon where I find it.

In the last module “People and Place” I enjoyed looking at people in social, economic and political terms and my style was dark, often photographing “in the dark”. I have considered following on and expanding this style but at the moment I am happier investigating other styles and genres.

The idea of using advertising imagery is a good one and I need to investigate this further. In my interpretation of exercise 2.1: Motif, I have worked with the example of Chanel No 5 advertising and this, although playful has been most rewarding.

In the words of my tutor “Push your practice and ideas”. I keep this motivation close to my fingertips.

With reference to the history of art, I often refer to early art and frequently visit galleries and exhibitions. Also performance art such as the dancer referred to in assignment 2 has helped me to interpret “Self Portrait”, in this case in the guise of Brazilian history. I am fascinated by photography’s position in the development of modern art and art’s influence on photography.

I have done some additional work on the “Sky” pictures referred to and may introduce this at a later date. For  this one picture, the political and environmental implications are huge as demonstrated by Peter Kennard’s “Haywain with Cruise Missiles”.

Learning Log

I have had some problems getting my blog set up properly so that it is easy to work with but I think I have made progress. I now have a main menu along the top giving easier access to individual pieces of work  If the viewer clicks on the appropriate assignment, all work related  to that assignment will show up easily.

I have also started uploading photographs at full size so that the viewer can click onto each individual photograph if required to view the full detail.


On reflection, I was pleased with the overall concept of my final set of images in assignment 1 but the subject matter was not strong enough to hold the viewer in. These pictures do have a lot more impact when blown up to large size and I could see them as a body of work on the wall in my study, or even in an exhibition. One of the problems of the blog is that impact has to be created for the blog style rather than for some other large printed style, book or whatever. Presentation style requires considerable attention at all times.

The work so far on this module has taken me to a completely different place with reference to previous modules but has started to explain some forms of contemporary practice which I had previously considered as “non photography” or “non art”, for instance the use of found images. I am still trying to understand what I am and am not allowed to do with other people’s images found on the internet or in junk shops. I assume that as long as I reference the work, I am free to work with it as long as it isn’t copyrighted.

In some ways working with found images is easier than going out and taking photographs but the challenge is to find originality and to use the images creatively. This is sometimes more difficult than producing one’s own photographs via the camera.


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